about us

TERRApia is a team of two architects, Alina Negru and Alessandro Serra, who explore the efficient use of local natural materials in the architecture.

Alina Negru is a romanian architect, specialized in earthen architecture at post master DSA Terre 2014-2016, CRAterre-ENSAG in Grenoble, France. During her current Phd at WUT, she is engaged in understanding the earthen constructive cultures of Banat, Romania, and promoting them through an interdisciplinary approach. As previous experience, Negru Alina has developed, through the cultural association RE cult, sensitizing actions on the Romanian traditional and contemporary know-how in view of a crafted architecture, of which are to be mentioned the interactive interdisciplinary expositions on natural resources (earth, wood) and a national architectural competition on the reinterpretation of the traditional constructions.

Alessandro Serra is an italian architect, specialised in “DSA Earthen Architecture” at Craterre – ENSAG, France and interested in the earthen constructive cultures of Banat, Romania. Together with a local artisans, he is involved in decoding local architectural solutions and giving them a contemporary use. Also, he was involved in the rehabilitation of the earthen architecture heritage in the oasis of Figuig in Morocco in view of its inclusion in the World Monument Fund. His thesis in Peru focused on antiseismic design was inspired by the traditional earthen peruvian architecture.